This is a repository of important planning documents and resources that will assist in the state’s comprehensive restoration planning efforts. While this list is not exhaustive, it does include Mississippi-specific natural resource conservation and restoration plans that may be useful in the planning process. These resources include frameworks that may help inform plan development and provide restoration ideas that are specific to Mississippi.

Follow the links to the plans and strategies or search by keyword. Please inform us if you feel a pertinent plan is missing and we will add it to our repository. Please contact us at
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YearNameOrganizationSourceRegionLinkGeneral Categories
2009Biloxi Comprehensive PlanCityCity of BiloxiMSwww.biloxi.m...roduction.pdf
City/County Plans
2009City of Gautier Comprehensive Plan 2030CityCity of GautierMSgulfcoastpla...sive-Plan.pdf
City/County Plans
2012Diamondhead Comprehensive PlanCityCity of DiamondheadMSwww.diamondh...sive_Plan.pdf
City/County Plans
2010D'Iberville Comprehensive PlanCityCity of D'IbervilleMSdiberville.m...-16-20101.pdf
City/County Plans
2010Hancock County Comprehensive PlanCountyHancock County Board of SupervisorsMSwww.hancockc...ghlighted.pdf
City/County Plans
2008Harrison County Comprehensive PlanCountyHarrison
City/County Plans
2009Jackson County Comprehensive PlanCountyJackson County
City/County Plans
2011Land protection plan and final EIS for the Expansion of Grand Bay National Wildlife Refuge: Jackson County, Mississippi and Mobile County, Alabama. Southeast Region. 76 pp.US Fish and Wildlife Service. 2011.FederalUS Fish and Wildlife
Land Protection
2013Long Beach Comprehensive PlanCityCity of Long BeachMSwww.cityoflo...lan%20ALL.pdf
City/County Plans
2008Mississippi Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan 2009-2014StateMS Dept. of Wildlife, Fisheries, and
Land protection, Habitat Management
2009Moss Point Comprehensive PlanCityCity of Moss
City/County Plans
2010Pascagoula Comprehensive PlanCityCity of PascagoulaMScityofpascag...ith_cover.pdf
City/County Plans
2006Pass Christian Comprehensive PlanCityCity of Pass
City/County Plans
2010Waveland Comprehensive PlanCityCity of WavelandMSgulfcoastpla...sive-Plan.pdf
City/County Plans
20122012 Jackson County Multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation PlanCityJackson County and
City/County Plans
2011A Once and Future Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem: Restoration Recommendations of an Expert Working GroupOtherPew Environment
Oil Spill Recommendations
2011A Unified Action Plan for a Healthy Gulf, Spring 2011 Gulf Future Guidance for Sustainable Restoration Sunshine on the Gulf, A Case for Transparency in Restoration Project Selection, November 2011; Letter to NOAA (project recommendations), May 2012NGOGulf Future CoalitionGOMwww.gulffutu...hy-gulf/c1a2j
Oil Spill Recommendations
2010America's Gulf Coast: A Long term Recovery Plan after the Deepwater Horizon Oil
Oil Spill Recommendations
2011Bay St. Louis Hazard Mitigation PlanCityCity of Bay St. LouisMSwww.baystlou...on%20Plan.pdf
City/County Plans
2011Bayou Auguste Environmental Enhancement and Wetlands RestorationCityCity of BiloxiMSAvailable from the City of BiloxiHabitat Management
2013Bilox Mitigation Floodplain Management Plan 2013-2017CityCity of BiloxiMSwww.biloxi.m...d-mitigation/
City/County Plans
2007Building a Partnership for the Watershed of Upper Bay of St. Louis - 2007 Action PlanNGOLand Trust for the MS Coastal Plain, EPA, MDEQMSwww.ltmcp.or...St.-Louis.pdf
Habitat Management, Land Protection
2013City of D'Iberville Citizens Master Plan; Economic Development StrategyCityCity of D'IbervilleMSHard Copy Available from the City of D'IbervilleCity/County Plans
2012City of Gautier, Mississippi, Strategic Plan 2013-2018CityCity of GautierMSwww.gautier-...8-13-2012.pdf
City/County Plans
2013City of Long Beach Local Hazard Mitigation PlanCityCity of Long BeachMSwww.cityoflo...0Complete.pdf
City/County Plans
2010City of Ocean Springs Comprehensive PlanCityCity of Ocean
City/County Plans
2013City of Pascagoula Local Hazard Mitigation PlanCityCity of PascagoulaMScityofpascag...ete1Draft.pdf
City/County Plans
2013City of Pascagoula RESTORE Act Project PackageCityCity of PascagoulaMSAvailable from the City of PascagoulaCity/County Plans
2013Coastal Nature Destinations Group OverviewCBOCoastal Nature Destinations GroupLocalContact the Group for overview
2008Coastal Preserve Program PlanStateMS Department of Marine ResourcesMSDMR_CE CP Prog Plan 2008.pdf
2004Conservation Area Plan for the Pearl River, Draft Version 2004. The Nature Conservancy, Mississippi Chapter.NGOThe Nature ConservancyLocalwww.nature.o...ver-cap-1.pdf
Habitat Management, Land Protection
2012Conservation LegacyNGOLand Trust for the MS Coastal Plain, MS Dept. of Marine Resources, US Fish and Wildlife Service via Coastal Impact Assistance ProgramMSwww.ltmcp.or...ation-legacy/
Land protection
2002Conservation Planning in the Mississippi River Alluvial Plain (Ecoregion 42)NGOThe Nature ConservancyMS, LAwww.conserva...EastData.aspx
Habitat Management, Land Protection
2005Conserving the Pascagoula River Watershed: Conservation Action PlanNGOThe Nature Conservancy, SARPLocalwww.nature.o...tion-plan.pdf
Habitat Management, Land Protection
2012Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustees, A Portfolio of Early Restoration ProjectsNGOEDF, TNC, OC, Oxfam America, NAS, NWFMSwww.oceancon...xico-nrda.pdf
Oil Spill Recommendations
2007Draft Coastal Preserve Restoration Plans (Beckendorf, Wachovia, Dantzler, Admiral Island, Ladner, Dupont, Deer Island, and Twelve Oaks)StateDept. of Marine ResourcesMSDraft documents available through DMRHabitat Management
2012Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Revised Land and Resource Management Plan National Forests in MississippiFederalUS Forest ServiceMSwww.fs.usda....db5407087.pdf
2013Draft Initial Comprehensive Plan: Restoring the Gulf Coast's ecosystem and EconomyMultipleGulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration CouncilGOMwww.restoret...205.23.15.pdf
Oil Spill Recommendations
2011Draft Land Protection Plan and Draft Environmental Assessment for the proposed expansion of GBNWRFederalUS Fish and Wildlife
Refuge Plan
2014Draft Partnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation Vision (2014)NGOPartnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation, Land Trust AllianceGOMTo be completed in 2014. Draft available from the Partnership upon requestLand protection
2011Draft Vision for Gulf Cost Recovery, Restoration, and ProtectionStateMississippi Gulf of Mexico Commission (MDEQ, MDMR)
Oil Spill Recommendations
2004Ducks Unlimited Continental Conservation PlanNGODucks
Birds, Habitat Management, Wetlands
2014Forests as a Solution for Gulf Health and ProsperityNGOU.S. Endowments for Forestry and Communities, Peter Stangel,
Forests, Habitat Management, Land Protection
2013Go Coast 2020 Final ReportStateGoCoast 2020 CommissionMSwww.gocoast2...nalreport.pdf
2013Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. 2013. Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Management Plan 2013-2018: Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, Moss Point, Mississippi. 104pp.StateMS Dept. of Marine Resources, NOAA, NERR SystemMSgrandbaynerr...l-8-13-13.pdf
Refuge Plan
2008Grand Bay National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation PlanFederalUS Fish and Wildlife
Refuge Plan
2010Gulf 20/20: Case for Long-Term RestorationNGOThe Nature ConservancyGOMwww.nature.o...storation.pdf
Oil Spill Recommendations
2005Gulf Coast Joint Venture Landbird Conservation Plan, BCR Regions 25, 26 and 27OtherGulf Coast Joint VentureTX, LA, MS,
Birds, Habitat Management
2002Gulf Coast Joint Venture: Coastal Mississippi Wetlands Initiative.OtherGulf Coast Joint
Habitat Management, Birds, Wetlands
2011Gulf Islands Draft General Management Plan / Environmental Impact StatementFederalNational Park ServiceMSparkplanning...S_Aug2011.pdf
Habitat Management
2008Gulf Mexico Alliance Governor's Action Plan II: 2009-2014StateGulf of Mexico AllianceGOMwww.gulfofme...Fit&toolbar=1
Resilience, Habitat Management, Sea Level Rise, Water Quality
Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Plans and AmendmentsFederalGulf of Mexico Fishery Management CouncilGOMwww.gulfcoun...ans/index.php
2011Gulf of Mexico InitiativeFederalUnited States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation ServiceGOMwww.nrcs.usd...elprdb1046039
Habitat Management, Water Quality
2013Gulf of Mexico Recreational Fisheries: Recommendations for Restoration, Recovery, and SustainabilityNGOTheodore Roosevelt Conservation
Oil Spill Recommendations, Fisheries
2011Gulf of Mexico Regional Ecosystem Restoration StrategyMultipleGulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task
Oil Spill Recommendations
2012Gulf of Mexico Restoration: A Private Lands Vision for SuccessFederalUnited States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation ServiceGOMUSDA_NRCS_GOM Restoration_Private Lands Vision_2014.pdfHabitat Management
2012Gulf of Mexico Restoration: NRCS Strategy for SuccessFederalUnited States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation ServiceGOMUSDA_NRCS_Gulf of Mexico Restoration_Strategy for Success.pdfHabitat Management, Land Protection, Water Quality
2011Gulf Spill Recreational Fishing Response Group: Recommendation for Resource RecoveryNGOCoastal Conservation Association / Theodore Roosevelt Conservation
Fisheries, Oil Spill Recommendations
Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission Plans: Regional Management PlansFederalGulf State Marine Fisheries CommissionGOMwww.gsmfc.or...ent@3:links@4
2003Gulf Sturgeon Critical Habitat DesignationFederalUS Fish and Wildlife
Fisheries, Threatened and Endangered Species
1995Gulf Sturgeon Recovery/Management PlanFederalNOAA/US Fish and Wildlife ServiceGOMwww.nmfs.noa...geon_gulf.pdf
Fisheries, Threatened and Endangered Species
2013Gulfport Hazard Mitigation Flood Protection Plan 2013-2017CityCity of GulfportMSGulfport Hazard Mitigation Plan_2013.pdfCity/County Plans
2011Hiller Park Environmental Enhancement ProjectCityCity of BiloxiMSBiloxi_Hiller Park-finalversion.pdfHabitat Management, Recreation
2000Identification of Priority Sites in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: An Ecoregional Plan, October 2000NGOThe Nature ConservancyNGOMwww.conserva...EastData.aspx
Habitat Management, Land Protection
Invasive Species Management Plan for the Grand Bay National Estuarine Research ReserveStateMS Dept. of Marine ResourcesMSgrandbaynerr...ementPlan.pdf
2006Keesler Management PlanFederalAir ForceMSwww.keesler....61107-019.pdf
Habitat Management
2011Letter with Comments to Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task ForceNGOPartnership for the Gulf Coast Land Conservation/Land Trust AllianceGOMwww.landtrus...e/pgclc-about
Oil Spill Recommendations
2012Marine Restoration Priorities & Science Principles: Results of Expert Panel Workshop in St. Petersburg, Florida on April 24-25, 2012MultipleGOMURC, Ocean Conservancy, State of FLGOMwww.oceancon...-workshop.pdf
Oil Spill Recommendations
2011Master Plan for the Beneficial Use of Dredge Material for Coastal Mississippi, May 2011StateGulf of Mexico Foundation, Gulf of Mexico Alliance, MS Dept. of Marine ResourcesMSfinal MS Master Plan with appendices_102011-print version_with appendices.pdfBeneficial Use, Wetlands
Mississippi Coastal Improvements Program, Comprehensive Plan ElementsFederalUS Army Corps of EngineersMSwww.sam.usac...PProgram.aspx
Habitat Management, Land Protection, Resilience, Water Quality, Wetlands
2011Mississippi Coastal Nutrient Reduction StrategiesStateMS Dept. of Environmental QualityMSwww.deq.stat...f?OpenElement
Water Quality
2007Mississippi Coastal Program (MCP)StateMS Dept. of Marine ResourcesMSHard Copy available; currently being updatedLand protection, Habitat Management
2011Mississippi Coastal Zone Enhancement Program Assessment and Strategy (2011 - 2016)StateMS Dept. of Marine ResourcesMScoastalmanag...ms3092011.pdf
2005Mississippi Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy, 2005StateMS Dept. of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks and US Fish and Wildlife
Habitat Management, Threatened and Endangered Species
2012Mississippi Gopher Frog Critical Habitat DesignationFederalUS Fish and Wildlife
Amphibians, Threatened and Endangered Species
2014Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. 2014. Endangered Species of Mississippi. Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, Jackson, Mississippi.StateMDWFP, MS Museum of Natural
Threatened and Endangered Species
2005Mississippi Renewal Forum Summary ReportCityMSmississippir...aryReport.pdf
2007Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation PlanFederalUS Fish and Wildlife
Refuge Plan
2012Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium. 2014 - 2017 Strategic Plan.FederalMississippi Alabama Sea Grant
Fisheries, Habitat Management, Resilience
2009Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Research PlanFederalMississippi Alabama Sea Grant ConsortiumMS,
2010Mississippi's Assessment of Forest Resources and Forest Resource StrategyStateMS Forestry Commission, US Forest
2007Mississippi's Basin Management ApproachStateMS Dept. of Environmental QualityMSwww.deq.stat...?OpenDocument
Water Quality
MS Coastal Preserves Mission, Vision and GoalsStateMS Department of Marine
Habitat Management, Land Protection, Wetlands
2007MS Forest Legacy Program Assessment of Need 2007 - 2012.StateMS Forestry Commission, USDA Forest
Forests, Land Protection
2013MS State Management Plan for Aquatic Invasive SpeciesStateMS Dept. of Environmental Quality, Gulf of Mexico Program, MS Dept. of Marine ResourcesMSanstaskforce...n_Mar2013.pdf
2012National Audubon Society. 2012. Restoring the Gulf for Coastal Waterbirds: A Long-term Vision. 18 pp.NGOAudubonGOMconservation...s_nov12lr.pdf
Oil Spill Recommendations, Birds
2006National Fish Habitat Action PlanFederalUS Fish and Wildlife
2011Naval Construction Battalion Center Gulfport Stennis Western Maneuver Area, Stennis Space Center, MS - Integrated Natural Resource Management PlansFederalUS NavyMSContact the Navy natural resource managerHabitat Management
2013North American Bird Conservation Initiative, U.S. Committee, 2013. The State of the Birds 2013 Report on Private Lands. U.S. Department of Interior. Washington, D.C. 48 pages.FederalUnited States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation ServiceNationalwww.stateoft...s_low-res.pdf
Birds, Land Protection
2007Northern Gulf Coastal ProgramFederalUS Fish and Wildlife
Habitat Management
2012Pascagoula Comprehensive Park and Recreation Master PlanCityCity of PascagoulaMScityofpascag...te-2012rs.pdf
City/County Plans
2011Pascagoula River Audubon Center: Business Plan Phase II, Looking to the FutureNGOPascagoula River Audubon CenterLocalContact Audubon Center for copyBirds, Education
2011Pass Christian Local Hazard Mitigation PlanCityCity of Pass
City/County Plans
2013Plan for Opportunity: Regional Sustainability Plan for the Mississippi Gulf CoastOtherConsortium for a Sustainable Coast, funded by US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.MSwww.gulfcoas...ity-Small.pdf
2012Plan for Opportunity: Tides of Change - A new Wave of SustainabilityOtherConsortium for a Sustainable Coast, funded by US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.MSgulfcoastpla...b-Quality.pdf
2011Project Management Plan for Selelcted Beneficial Use Projects Along Coastal MississippiStateGulf of Mexico Foundation, Gulf of Mexico Alliance, MS Dept. of Marine ResourcesMSFinal MS PMP for BU 102011.pdfBeneficial Use, Wetlands
2010Recommendations for Restoring the GulfNGOOcean ConservancyGOMwww.oceancon...ions-for.html
Oil Spill Recommendations
2011Recommendations to the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task ForceNGOOxfam AmericaGOMwww.oxfamame...ionsfinal.pdf
Oil Spill Recommendations
2009Regional Working Group for America's Longleaf. 2009. Range-wide conservation plan for Longleaf Pine. 52 pp.MultipleAmerica's Longleaf Restoration InitiativeNationalwww.americas...tion_plan.pdf
2013RESTORE Act - Gautier Program OverviewCityCity of GautierMSGautier_Restore Act Report 06 13 13 Gautier rev 2.pdfCity/County Plans
Restore Mississippi, Coastal Restoration Through RESTORE Act Funding: DU RecommendationsNGODucks
Birds, Oil Spill Recommendations, Wetlands
2013Restoring a Degraded Gulf of Mexico: Wildlife and Wetlands Three Years Into the Gulf Oil DisasterNGONational Wildlife
Oil Spill Recommendations
2011Restoring the Gulf of Mexico, A Framework for Ecosystem Restoration in the Gulf of MexicoNGOOcean ConservancyGOMwww.oceancon...of-mexico.pdf
Oil Spill Recommendations
2014Restoring the Mississippi Gulf Coast: A Strategic Plan for People, Wildlife and the Economy, 2014NGOWildlife MississippiGOMWildlife MS Coast Plan 20140611.pdfOil Spill Recommendations
2013Riverside Nature Area Restoration Plan and Public Use PlanCityCity of D'IbervilleMSHard Copy Available from the City of D'IbervilleHabitat Management
Sea Turtle Recovery PlansFederalNOAA/USFWSNationalwww.nmfs.noa.../planning.htm
Threatened and Endangered Species
2013Seafood Industry Working Waterfront InitiativeCityCity of D'IbervilleMSHard Copy Available from the City of D'IbervilleCity/County Plans
2013Seize the Moment: Priorities, projects and recommendations for Restoring the Gulf of MexicoNGOThe Nature ConservancyGOMTNC_Seize the Moment-Restore the Gulf_2013.pdfOil Spill Recommendations
2008Southeastern Aquatic Resources Parntership.2008, Southeast Aquatic Habitat PlanNGOSoutheastern Aquatic Resources Partnership (SARP)Southeastsoutheastaqu...tat-plan-sahp
Fisheries, Habitat Management, Water Quality
2012State Coastal Impact Assisstance Plan 2007-2010StateUSFWS, DMRMSwww.dmr.stat.../62-ciap-plan
Land protection, Habitat Management, Human-use
State of Mississippi Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program (CELCP) PlanStateMS Department of Marine ResourcesMScoastalmanag...anmsdraft.pdf
Land protection
2011Strategy for Restoring the Gulf of Mexico (A cooperative NGO report). 2011. The Nature Conservancy. Arlington, VA. 23 pages.NGOThe Nature Conservancy, Audubon, Environmental Defense Fund, Harte Institute, Ocean Conservancy, National Wildlife Federation, Lake Ponchartrain Basin
Oil Spill Recommendations
2008Tchoutacabouffa River Park & Conservation AreaCityCity of D'IbervilleMSHard Copy Available from the City of D'IbervilleHabitat Management, Land Protection
1998The Coastal Wetlands Priority Acquisition Plan for Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson CountiesStateDept. of Marine ResourcesMSDMR_Coastal Wetlands Priority Acquisition Plan.pdfLand protection
2010Through a Fish's Eye: The Status of Fish Habitats in the United States 2010FederalAssociation of Fish and Wildlife AgenciesNationalstatic.fishh..._012611_1.pdf
2006US Fish and Wildlife Service. 2006. Vision Document for the Strategic Plan for the Coastal Program: October 1, 2006 to September 30, 2010. 13 pp.FederalUS Fish and Wildlife
Admin BMPs
2013Vision for a Healthy Gulf of Mexico WatershedFederalUS Fish and Wildlife
Fisheries, Habitat Management, Land Protection
2006Watershed Implementation Plan Turkey CreekNGOLand Trust for the MS Coastal Plain, Community Partners, EPAMSwww.ltmcp.or...reek.WIP_.pdf
Land protection, habitat management
2013Waveland Local Hazard Mitigation PlanCityCity of WavelandMSwww.waveland...0Complete.pdf
City/County Plans
2002Weiland, Ron. Coastal County Ecological Inventory and Conservation Planning ProjectMultipleMDWFP, MS Natural Heritage Program, USFWS - Northern Gulf Coastal PartnershipMSAvailable from MS Museum of Natural Science.Habitat Management, Threatened and Endangered Species
2013Wildlife, Tourism and the Gulf Cost EconomyOtherDatu ResearchGOMwww.daturese...ort_FINAL.pdf
Workforce Development
2001Wintering Piping Plover Critical Habitat DesignationFederalUS Fish and Wildlife
Wolf River Comprehensive Watershed Management PlanNGOWolf River Conservation SocietyMSHard copy available from Wolf River Conservation SocietyLand protection